May 3, 2016

Ladies! Firstly thank you for sticking with me through my mini hiatus, I’ve been not very well and I will be pulling back to one post a week for the time being but I just love you all too much to stay away too long.


Lets talk active wear! I know some of you might not be in love with the idea of working out or exercising, trust me, I flipping hate working out and I go for months sometimes without exercising but then the kilos start creeping back on and I get back on the bandwagon for a bit and yeah, I’m sure you all know the fun cycle. So stick with me if you’re keen for a few tips and if this isn’t your thing I totally understand.

I started working out properly last year with the help of my sister who is totally bomb in the gym, I’m honestly so proud of what she’s achieved with all her hard work. When I started I was scared of what other people would think, nervous that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and uncomfortable not being in my element. I started very gradually only doing what I was confortable with until I was more confident in the knowledge I gained and I’m ready to get back on the bandwagon after not working out for a couple of months! Who’s with me, lets do it! Woo! Ok way too much excitement, sorry. 

Some gym and active wear tips for my plus size queens


1. Set clear goals for your work outs.

You might want to gain more confidence, loose a few kilos, get healthier, tone up, maybe you’re even aiming for a wedding or special birthday but please make sure that you’re only doing it for you and not anyone else.


2. Get your gear set.

There are a few plus size bands that are doing active wear now. I’ve wearing Running Bear in this post, below are some other brands that you should check out! If you can’t afford to get new clothes you can always wear two pairs of leggings or even some footless tights under your leggings to get the support and hide cellulite.


City chic active




3. Get some tips from someone in the know.

It’s probably a good idea to get PT session to start out or watch some exercises on YouTube to get an idea of what to do.


4. Be nice to yourself.

Working out isn’t easy and sometimes even difficult if you’re plus size, so please remember to be nice to yourself and start out gently. You could start out doing just 20 minutes a day of brisk walking and once your stamina begins to build you could increase that 20 minutes to also include a hill climb.


5. Music!

Keep your motivation high with an awesome playlist. Mine only consists of Beyoncé tracks to be completely honest, but damn I feel fierce working out to that playlist.


6. Get the right support

Go and get properly fitted for a high intensity sports bra, if you’re on a budget just wear the most supportive bra you own and wear a sports crop over the top to minimize the movement of your bust.


7. Get a gym buddy

Gym buddies are great company and encouragement. If you don’t have someone you can rely on to be your support on this journey, then look no further, you’ve just found one! Get in contact with me so we can partner together! 





These photos were taken when my stater and I went on a walk at Lennox Head in northern New South Wales. It was so gorgeous. I would love to know what you wear to the gym, or what your favourite workout is! Let me know below. Love you xx



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October 24, 2017

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