May 31, 2016

Hello Lovelies! What a week it's been! It's been a great week with Shapewear Australia and I've got some other awesome brands that will be featured in the coming weeks which I'm super excited about. But I just want to take a moment of gratitude to say thank you for everyone who reads my blog every week and everyone who interacts with me on Facebook or Instagram. You're all my spirit animals, seriously you're amazing. 

So lets take a minute to chat about understanding your body shape and how to dress to suit your body! Easy as pie right?! Ha! No. Just No. But when you realise what makes your figure look banging, you're good and you just have to follow the guidelines you set for yourself in future. 


So today we're going to talk about pear and hour glass body shapes because that's what I am, but I'll do another post in a few weeks highlighting the apple figure and anything else I can come up with. 

Ok so my body shape is totally out of proportion. No news there, I've been battling these hips for a while now. But it helps to break down your figure so you know what you've got going on before you start. So my figure map is 

- large hips

- tiny waist 

- big butt

- large bust 

- my bottom size 18-20 top size 16

- shoulders in proportion with waist and bust 

- 5''7 tall

Parts of my figure I 'camouflage'

- cellulite on thighs  

- chunky tummy and back rolls 

- chunky knees


So all of these components of my body make me a cello body shape, which is basically a mix between pear and hour glass body shapes (or an hour glass with a few extra hours on the bottom). 


So now that we've broken down my body shape, these are the guidelines that will suit me


1. Skinny jeans totally work for my body

I've hears so many people tell me that I should be wearing bootleg or flared leg jeans but I just think they're ugly on me. So I started wearing skinny jeans and I think they look bomb. When I highlight my hips, they don't look and big as if I tried to cover them up. 


2. Crop jackets do amazing things

When I highlight my waist and expose my hips they look in proportion. So wearing a pencil skirt with a crop jacket that hits just at my waist, it looks awesome. 


3. Skirts that hit the knee, not above

Because the widest part of my body if my hips, wearing pencil skirts make me look taller and having a pencil skirt cutting you off at the knee, being a small 


4. Cinch in your waist girl 

Create your curves and exaggerate them, weather with a body con dress, like the one I'm wearing in this post, or with a belt. 


5. Don't exaggerate your shoulders

If I wear a top or jacket that exaggerates my shoulders, it will balance out my hips. Awesome, great.. except that will make me look a size bigger because my bottom is a whole size larger than the top of my body. 


6. Love yourself silly 

The best thing you can do for your personal style or body shape is love yourself. Self love will turn in to confidence and you will own any outfit you put on. 

I'm wearing the Lady Luxe Maxi from City Chic with some ghetto hoops and gold rings from Lovisa  and the LAX heels from Novo. This is something pretty different from what I would usually wear and I think when i wear it again I will be wearing a longer under skirt. 


What do you think about my tips for cello body types? Have these helped you out? I would love to know what guidelines you follow! Let me know below. Love you xx 





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October 24, 2017

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