July 30, 2017

OH MY WORD! What a trip! As you have probably worked out we have been and returned from New Zealand. I thought my blogging process would be a little different than it has turned out but some things happen for a reason. Whatever it may be.. but I'll just start by saying sorry I didn't get to blog or post much while I was away. I honestly couldn't help it and I kinda enjoyed not having that stress over my trip anyway, so I hope you all understand. 


DAY 1! 


So our first day should have been super chill. Flight. Land. Sleep. Wake. Drive. Buuuuut that didn't exactly happen. We spent the morning finishing packing and making sure that our bags were 20kgs but I didn't realise that our carrier was super stringent about carry on luggage. When we arrived and checked in our bags the staff asked to weigh our carry on which was also my bloody handbag. Rude! And the outcome from that fun little conversation was that we were 11 KILOS OVER IN CARRY ON LUGGAGE. Owf. Ouch. Dammit. So we had to sit there in the airport and unpack 11 kilos of 'non-essential' luggage and send it home (non-essential my ass, hairdryer, tripod, beauty products). Plus one extra 'non-essential' item that was sent home was my laptop.. hence no blogging or good quality photos. Sorry fam. 

That moment after I unpacked everything through very dramatic tears when Jacques thought it was a good time to take a photo.. I had a different idea.


I probably should know better by now that 7kgs means 7kgs but I swear to God I've never had my carry on luggage weighed in my life and I guess I've learnt my lesson. 


We get through security, find the closest bar and have a beer. Then the moment arrived when I realised I'd left my license at home. 2 hours away! Oh gooooosh this makes me so annoyed writing this post hahaha That meant that I wasn't able to hire the car I booked.. yay. Oh man so stressful.. My poor bf.. Telling me to stop bloody crying at the bar and grow t.f up (not his exact words) but yeah.. probably a good idea. We just had to make other arrangements and get over it. 


We flew to Auckland, stayed with family and left for Taupo the next morning. 


DAY 2!


We were up nice and early, loaded up the car and headed on our way. 

I'm not going to bore you with the beautiful (wobbly and blurry) photos of our drive but here is what we arrived to!!  

So not only was the destination this gorgeous but when we arrived to our hotel they upgraded us to this stunning suite! Finally some good vibes coming our way! We stayed at the Hilton in Taupo for a couple of nights to just relax and recoup before we went and stayed with Jacques' family for his Birthday.

Our first night in we decided to just stay in away from the cold and have a cheeky cheese platter and a few wines. It was honestly the best night! We capped it off with a plunge in the thermal spa. Oh my word it was delightful.  



I've got more posts coming with all the details on our adventure park fun and the goss on my outfits so make sure you're subscribed and have your post notifications turned on so you catch the posts. 


Love you! xo

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October 24, 2017

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