October 8, 2017

Girls. I have an addiction. I have to come clean. It's a recent obsession but I'm hooked. Wait, maybe its love.. I remember feeling these feelings before.. yep its love. haha!

I was recently introduced to Adrift and I'm sure there's something for everyone with this brand. Not only do they cater for plus Queens but they also do straight sizes. I love working with inclusive brands because I know not everyone who reads my blogs are plus like me. 

What I have been loving about these pieces so much is that they can be dressed up or down. I thought I would show you how a simple pair of heels and a bright coral lip can jazz up these items for a hot summers night. Oh now I feel like a cocktail and dancing to some tropical music. 

This is the Julia Kaftan in Animal Print. I looove this kaftan. It's so easy to dress up, I wore it to an event at Adrift recently and I felt so comfy AND still dressy. 

This is the same print but in the Lucy dress. If you love wearing a dress with a sleeve then grab this one. It comes in so many different prints like this one you've probably seen on my social media. 

Now if you're after a kaftan, these two are so cute and colourful. They're great for drinks with the girls or the beach. 

This is the Yasmin Kaftan in Blue Shibori. I love the silver detail on the neckline.. Also apologies if you can see lipstick on my teeth haha! Thank you Mr Photographer for telling me.. You can't hire good help these days. 

So this is also a Yasmin Kaftan but in Mander, it has the CUTEST tassels. If you're as addicted to the tassel trend or bright patterns, get on this. 

I am CRUSHING on this colour!! This is the Panama Dress in Green (hint: it's also in black, navy, pink and heaps more!) I love wearing bright blocks of colour in summer, some strappy silver sandals with this dress would be dreamy too. 

And the last item for this little look book is the Remy Top in Silver. It's an off the shoulder top which is great for girls who like to wear jeans or pants out. I get a lot of girls tell me that they aren't into wearing skirts or dresses and would love some outfit help. This top is great for that, it's so easy to look dressy with jeans because of the gorgeous silver woven through the fabric. 

Side note: my nails look bomb. 

I hope you've fallen in love with Adrift like I have!! Let me know which is your favourite! If you took away my cocktail and told me I had to choose one to get my drink back, it would probably be the Julia Kaftan! So cute! And a a little hint.. I might have another cool Julia Kaftan to show you really soon!! But let me know your favourite below! Love you xx 


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October 24, 2017

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