October 24, 2017

We're off and racing! I can't believe it's under two weeks until this year's Melbourne Cup!


I thought I would go through some of my tips for my plus queens for a day at the races (or the office party).

We all know that there's a dress code for every racing carnival. But lets look at what Melbourne Cup is asking women to wear. This is the dress code for women on the Emirates Melbourne Cup website for VRC Members and Guests (let's just pretend we're that fancy)



Ladies are expected to maintain a suitable standard in keeping with the dignity of the Members’ Enclosure. Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the formal National Dress of their country.


Soooooo that says a whole heap of nothing. Just be fancy I guess.. oh right, wait there's also a don't list..



• Any form of the following footwear; joggers, sports shoes, track shoes, runners, thongs, dilapidated footwear, scuffs, gumboots or slippers – a shoe is considered a thong if it has two straps which connect in between the first and second toes

• Jeans, jodhpurs, tracksuits, leather pants or untailored pants

• Shorts

• Shorts jumpsuits/playsuits

• Pants tucked into socks or footwear

• Torn or ripped clothing even if considered ‘designer’ tears

• Garments which show midriff

• Leggings worn as pants. Footless tights acceptable if suitable dress worn over the top

• Parkas, duffle coats, windbreakers, tracksuit tops, golf and yachting weatherproofs, denim jackets, casual or untailored leather jackets, anoraks and driza bone jackets

• Strictly no denim


Ok, so wear heels, no jodhpurs. Wear a suit or dress. Cool! That's what I've got to show you!


I have two outfits for this post.

This is the Lace Wisper Dress in Blue Powder by City Chic (gifted, I'm wearing size M) with the Pink Floral Headband from Sportsgirl. Also the Dolce Rose Dress which is further down.

So here are my tips for having a good day at the races or (if you're stuck in Queensland like me where we don't get a public holiday) the office.


Tip 1: Be comfortable.

If you're uncomfortable, you're going to have a shit day. Get some spanks and a decent strapless bra and you'll have a much better time! 


*Story Time* Once I took a zip lock bag of baby powder into a club to help with sticky sweaty thighs. I realised when I went to take it out in the toilet that it defiantly looked way more suspicious than it seemed when I was getting ready. Hahaha! Learn from me, don't do that! Wear spanks.


Tip 2: Go bold, or go home.

What I mean by this is, be confident in your outfit. Wearing a bouquet of flowers or a 'sticky up mesh fascinator thingy' on your head feels pretty weird but it looks so pretty! So wear them with pride!

Tip 3: Break in your shoes.

Goes without saying, if you don't break in your shoes grab some of these bandaids. They won't budge. Like seriously I have covered my whole feet in these once and they lasted all day! Haha


Tip 4: Take lots of photos!

I do this thing when I'm with my friends where I just get completely swept away with the excitement of the day that I forget to take photos. So get your photos done early before too many Champagnes. (p.s tag me in your photos so I can see your gorgeous outfits!)


Tip 5: If you're clumsy with your wines, wear black.

I would just hate to spill something on this gorgeous blue frock. So if you're a bit clumsy with your cheeky wine then it might be best to wear the outfit below instead.


This is the Dolce Rose Dress by City Chic  (gifted size M) and it's giving me a very salsa dancer vibe! My Flower crown is the Red Floral Headband from Sportsgirl  


Holy wow my eyes are blue. #promisenoedits

I loooove this dress! I have been crushing on this dress for ages and was so happy when it came out in this softer colour. I feel like sometimes it's hard to find a perfect plus size red dress, but I think the Dolce Dress gives the same vibe but is a little easier to wear.

I would love to know what your plans are for Race Day! Are you planning on grabbing a CC dress? Let me know below!


Love you xx

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October 24, 2017

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