March 15, 2018

Guys, as a proudly curvy woman, getting my body moving has always been a love hate relationship. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has these feeling but a lot of the time it sure does feel that way. (psst.. I've got a discount code below for you, thank me later) 

In the past I would create these silly little excuses to avoid exercising and even though I always felt great afterwards, getting started was always the hardest hurdle. So to get over my excuses I have created a some solutions so getting my workout started is easier for the precious little sooky princess inside of me who doesn't like to work hard. haha! 


Solutions to my excuses. 


Excuse 1. This isn’t fun

Solution 1. My workout playlist keeps me entertained! And it’s mainly three hyped up, sexy, empowering, fun Beyoncé songs on repeat. It’s amazing how a great song makes you work harder. Grown Woman is my FAVVVVVVE!!!  


Excuse 2. My feet hurt

Solution 2. Maybe just wear TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS, YOU BLOODY SOOK! Boom no blisters, get out there.


Excuse 3. I don’t have time

Solution 3. Creating new habits is more about making time, setting priorities and being committed. I usually get home from work, change and out the door for a walk.


Excuse 4. I don’t have anything to wear 

Solution 4. ZEST LIFEWEAR BABY! I think this is probably the number one reason why I haven’t exercised in the past. When I grew up it was so hard to find anything nice to wear exercising and I’m pretty sure I just wore some bike pants from best and less. Super supportive… not! Now we’re spoilt for choice! There are a number of great home grown active wear brands around these days but I’m loving this outfit the Zest Lifewear sent me.

Active wear is always about feelings. How do you feel in your active wear? Do you feel comfy? Do you feel supported? Do you feel you can move freely? Do you feel sexy? Do you feel self-empowered? Do you feel ready to work? I feel all of these things in this outfit. 


So I’m wearing the Let’s Get Meshy top in size 34-36. No, I’m not a size 34, but this is a compression top which is supposed to be a firm fit. I’m not really a fan of tight tops so I choose to size up and I just love the fit. This top also has a shelf bra! I have to say, It’s probably the best shelf bra I’ve ever come across. To be honest, I usually cut shelf bras out but I just love this one!


My bottoms are the Girl Work It leggings in size 22-24. Isn’t that name just bomb! These pants are compression too and are a firm fit, so keep that in mind when ordering.

I’m so happy with how this outfit turned out and I really loved the mesh detail and I think I look damn fine!! I felt like I wasn’t missing out on great workout gear just because I’m plus size.


I know these silly excuses only hold myself back from staying active and when I realised that I made a choice to push through and create these simple solutions for myself. When I started making these habits I would need to have everything ready, music on, hair perfectly messy bunned, two pairs of freaking socks.. but now if something is missing its not the end of the world and I’m ok to get going again.  


If you're looking to grab some of the gorgeous items from Zest Lifewear make sure you use code CLAIR15 for 15% off!! Woo!! 


This post was sponsored by Zest Lifewear, but all views are my own. 


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October 24, 2017

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